Virus Removal

Virus removal including ad ware and spy ware removal

Logan IT has an onsite virus removal service that is fully capable of removing Viruses, Trojans, Worms Ad ware, Malware and Spyware from your Desktop or Laptop PC for you and can be contacted on mobile 07896 242565 or Local Call 01926 350906 .
We Provide a virus removal service in Coventry Warwick Leamington Southam and surrounding villages in the Warwickshire area.

If you wish to try to remove them your self it is best to have an understanding of the differences between them, So here are my best interpretations.
Viruses – these programs are normally spread by clicking a link or opening an email attachment and are generally designed to cause damage to the computer that has been infected.

Trojans – as with the mythical Greek story of the Trojan horse where they look like gifts but contain a nasty surprise, These are programs designed to look like something they are not, for example looks like a free piece of utility software / Movie / Etcetera but contains inside a program that creates a virus or a back way into the computer for another Virus.

Worms – these are fully automated viruses that are design to use the Internet and any connected networks to replicate its self on as many computers as it finds these can spread very quickly. Famous ones included Nimda, Code red and Blaster.

Ad ware – these programs are designed to produce adverts on you computer some times above or below the page you are reading, at the least they are a minor annoyance at there worst they pop up many windows and stop you from browsing the Internet, One thing is for sure they use processor time and Internet bandwidth.

Malware – really just describes any malicious software or combination on a computer system.

Smitfraud Virus – these are fake antivirus programs designed to collect credit card payments for a non provided antivirus service they usually trick the user in to buying them by suggesting there machine is full of viruses.

Spy ware – these are usually used for illegal monitoring or key logging as it is known, the main targets are usernames and passwords.

Ransom ware – these come in 2 flavours the scam version that claims your computer is locked but is just a program preventing access and the Encryption version which encrypts your data and attempts to charge you for the release key.

Rootkit Virus – this is a virus that pretends to be a system file so that if it is detected by the antivirus it is replaced by the windows system restore.

We can remove all of the above for you , But if you want to try yourself here is one of the best removal description I have found on the Internet,the programs needed are linked under useful software.



Virus removal service


We have over 29 Years Computer Industry Experience and Our virus removal service is available to clean up your computer at your home or business premises in the city of Coventry including Baginton, Finham, Whitley, Binley, Brandon, Hearsall, Tilehill, Westwood heath,  Eastern Green, the county of Warwickshire (Including Warwick, Leamington Spa, Kenilworth, Stratford upon Avon, Banbury, Southam, Bloxham and surrounding villages and West Northamptonshire including Daventry, Crick, Fawsley, Woodford Halse, Weedon, Brackley,  Braunston, Staverton, Aston le Walls, Boddington, Byfield, Chipping Warden ).
Please ring Local Call 01926 350906 or Mobile Phone 07896 242565 for a quote.



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