Gfast 300Megabit upgrades now available in leamington spa

It seems that most parts of Leamington including whitnash, Lillington and Cubbington now have the Gfast 2 upgrade this allows up to 300 megabit download and 30 megabit upload at 47 per month

Note this is the theoretical max so actual speed depends on the distance to the cabinet and uses the existing copper end loop so more like an interim upgrade until full fibre to premises is released which may take some time due to the expenses involved

Currently BT and Talktalk sell this product as ultra fast 2 and EE are selling as fibre max and including an itroductory offer of BT home Wifi wireless network included , I dare say other providors will follow.

The Cabinets that have been upgraded look a bit odd and have an extention overhanging the side such as the one in Leamington Spa on the Old Milverton Road between the newsagent and the Vauxall Garage.

Ultrafast Side Pod 300 Megabit on Old Milverton Road
BT Cabinet with Ultrafast Side Pod Copyrite Anthony Savage

The Gfast 145 service is currently being rolled out across Warwick and hopefully other areas in the next 9 months .

Repairing and Upgrading HP Computers at Meriden in the West Midlands between the City of Coventry and Solihull

Good Afternoon, Today we are with Warwick and Nicola of Jarvis Costs Consultancy at Meriden in Warwickshire, Meriden is a small West Midlands town between the City of Coventry and Solihull, We are here today to perform a computer repair 2 of the companies computers, The customer has reported that one has died and when running that both computers running very slowly and are looking for advice on how to progress.

First of all we checked repaired the dead computer by replacing the computers dead power supply, we then checked both the Computers for malware and viruses and edited the startup files removing and unneeded programs, Early on in the checks the computers where found to be lacking in memory and we recommended an upgrade from the 4GB memory supplied to 8GB memory as recommended for Windows computers, The memory was ordered and fitted to the machines this sped up the machines and the customer was very happy with the results, We also suggested that if more speed is required that we could upgrade the hardrives fitted to these computers to SSD (Solid State Disks)

Whilst inside the machine we gave it a dust out and we also setup a computer backup system first a complete system backup and second a data backup to allow the user to backup the data from the computer as required.

HP Computer Repair Meriden West Midlands
Computer Repair


Email problems and Apple Macbook / iPad plus Android support at Hanwell Banbury in Oxon

Good afternoon we are with Rich from Awesomecoffee just off Dukes Meadow Drive on Hanwell at Banbury we are here to fix some email problems on the customer various equipment this includes an Apple Macbook an Apple iPad and an Android tablet.

Rich at Really Awesome Coffee's Van

we set up the Email settings on the Android tablet built in to the Van

Really Awesome Coffee Van with android tablet

we also set up Apple Mail on the customers Apple Macbook Pro


Apple Macbook Support

plus setup Apple Mail on the customers iPad , the system was set in a way so that a change on one Email system reflected on the other two.

Virus and malware removal on a slow running computer at Clifton on Dunsmore near Rugby in Warwickshire

Good morning today we are with a customer on Church Street at Clifton on Dunsmore near Rugby in Warwickshire.
We are here to repair a computer that the customer has reported they had a virus on the Sony Vaio laptop computer running Windows 7 which they attempted to remove but since then has been running Slow and producing a blue screen with the error message Kernel inpage error.

Computer Repair Clifton on Dunsmore Rugby

To repair this computer we ran a Malwarebytes scan which revealed some Trojan Virus problems and the possibility that the main cause is a virus hidden in the system files this is known as a root kit virus, to fix this we had to turn off the system restore service in the System Protection tab ran the antivirus root kit removal tools which found and removed the root kit virus, we then turned back on the system protection, created a new restore point and updated the antivirus definition.

This machine is now clean of viruses and working at its expected speed.

Laptop computer maintenance and Android phone support at Royal Leamington Spa in Warwickshire

Good afternoon, we are now with a customer on Astley Close in Royal Leamington Spa Warwickshire.

We are here to give the customers Acer and Sony Vaio laptop Computer some general computer maintenance as well as some Dropbox support for a HTC Android phone.

The first computer we look at is the Sony Vaio laptop, The issue with this machine is fairly simple, it seems that Microsoft Internet Explorer upgraded to version 10 the day before and that caused Windows Live Mail to work off line, Unfortunately the option for this did not exist in the Windows Live Mail program, and the customer had been using Mozilla Firefox . all we had to do here was load Internet Explorer open the file menu and turn the work off line option off then back on again, this resulted in the customers email functioning normally again.

The next computer was a Toshiba Satellite laptop computer this one was running slow upon further investigation it was found that the Norton 360 antivirus and security had failed in some way. We removed Norton and reinstalled and then the computer was running at full speed again, also on this machine the customer wanted to transfer photos from a HTC Android smart phone the standard route is via a supplied USB cable but is cumbersome mistakes can be made and connectors damaged, leads lost etc, So for this one we installed Dropbox on the computer and the Andriod smart phone and enabled it to transfer pictures when ever it is logged in to a wireless network to keep the data usage costs down.

HTC Smart Phone Android Support and Norton Laptop Computer Maintenance

Malware and pop up advert removal at Leek Wootton between Warwick and Kenilworth in Warwickshire

Good morning today we are with a customer at Leek wootton in Warwickshire ( Between Warwick and Kenilworth)

We are here because the customer has reported pop ups and other strange adverts on their desktop computer running windows 7.

Incorrect Google Page (Pop up adverts)

We started by checking the start up files and registry which in this case looked fine then removed any unneeded tool bars such as Babylon, Deal Vault and such like, at this point we had still not found the root cause of the problems and thus suspected a root kit virus which turned up a problem similar to a Trojan Virus that had attached its self to the system files and deeper in to the registry.


Once this malware was removed the pop up adverts had stopped but upon testing Microsoft Internet Explorer was not opening new pages correctly, this required a reset of the browser settings and all was fixed.

Computer repair and multiple monitor installation at Warwick in Warwickshire

Good afternoon we are with Sterling Philips on Coten End at Warwick in Warwickshire.

We are here to fix a Dell Dimension computer that the customer has reported as not working, the fault here is that the computer powers up and then freezes on the BIOS screen.

After some investigation we discover that the USB ports on the front of the machine have some how been damaged so we open the computer up and disconnect the ports so to prevent more damage occurring through accidental use, this has got the customer up and running and after a brief check found the main screen was blurry this was found to be an incorrect resolution set and adjusted the screen settings accordingly

Multiple Monitor Set up

also in the office the customer had another Computer  with 3 Monitor screens attached but only 2 working, after changing settings in the BIOS and installing the correct drivers we fixed it so that the machine has 3 monitors working.

Wireless installation and network printer setup at Beausale between Warwick and Balsall Common in Warwickshire

Good morning today we are with a customer at Beausale in Warwickshire between Warwick and Balsall Common.

We are here after to set up and install TPlink wireless access points that the customer had ordered after an initial Survey conducted by our selves at the end of last week.

The customer is currently running a Solwise wireless mains extender system, The intention is to phase this out and replace with the wireless access points at strategic locations through out the premises on an existing wired network.

We summarised on a previous visit that 2 access points connected to the existing wired network should give signal to the intended wireless areas and most probably 90 % of the building.

Today we installed the 1st TP-Link Wireless access point which allowed full wireless access to the ground floor of the customers premises with a view to installing a second on the 1st floor at a later date.

TP Link Wirless Access Point installation

Whilst here we connected the customers HP Laserjet m1522nf network printer to the network and connected it to all the desktop and laptop computers in the premises.

HP Laserjet m1522nf Network Laser Printer

Also the customer reported an issue with a Buffalo Terrastation network hard drive, This was reset to factory defaults connected to a laptop and reset up for the customers network, we also mapped the drives to show on one of the desktop computers.

Apple support and wireless network printer installation at Tile Hill in Coventry

Good afternoon we are now with a customer at Tile Hill in Coventry we are here because the customer requires to link there Apple iPhone 5 with an Apple Mac and a HP Photosmart 5520 Wireless printer (Air Print compatible)

last week we determined that the Apple Mac required updating to Snow Leopard and had ordered from apple unfortunately this was only available via post and not electronic download.

We installed the 10.6.4 supplied updated to 10.6.8 upgraded the itunes from version 9 to version 11 this allowed us to link the phone to the mac to enable syncing of music etc

Apple Mac Support Snow Leopard 10.6.4

Then we installed the HP Photosmart 5520 wireless printer on to the customers network and loaded the drivers on to the Apple Mac.

In the end the customer was easily able to transfer music between the Apple Mac computer and the iPhone 5 as well as being able to print direct from either to the HP Photosmart 5520 wireless network printer.

HP Photosmart 5520 Wireless Network Printer

Various computer problems at Finham Coventry between Canley and Willenhall

Good afternoon next today we are with a customer at Finham in Coventry between Canley and Willenhall we are here to fix a number of computer problems.

Most of the computer issues here were simple to fix but a few are worth noting.

To print an email from BT Yahoo’s web site since the last web mail upgrade you now need to open the email and click actions then click print message other wise all you get is the advert, header and footer being printed.

BT Yahoo how to print an email


Laptop computer repair at Blackdown (Leamington Spa) between Milverton and Stoneleigh

Good morning today we are repairing an Acer laptop computer with a customer at Blackdown in Royal Leamington Spa between Milverton and Stoneleigh.

We have been called out here topday because the customer has reported that the Acer laptop computer is not powering up correctly.

On this one we opened up the computer removed and reseated the memory and the processor and all was working again.

Acer Aspire 3510 Laptop Computer Repair

Although the machine is working it is very slow this appears to most likely to be the hard drive and due to the costs involved and the age of the computer it has been recommend that a replacement computer would be prudent in the near future.


Computer installation at Lighthorne between Warwick and Banbury

Good morning, Today we are with Joe Deluccis on the Chesterton Estate at Lighthorne which is located between Warwick and Banbury on the Banbury Road.

We have been called here to install a computer wirelessly on to an existing network.

The Lenovo desktop computer had windows 8 installed and needed to share files with the existing network, All the customers required drivers and software was downloaded and installed including Sage Accounts , Microsoft Office and connected to a Canon ir C2620 Network Printer and connected to the existing network shares.

Canon iR C2620 Network Printer

Whilst here we also reconnected a Western Digital external USB hard drive to a computer.


Wireless installation trouble shooting and computer repair / clean up at Tysoe between Banbury and Stratford upon Avon in Warwickshire

Good morning, today we are with Tachman Central at Tysoe between Banbury and Stratford on Avon in Warwickshire.

We are here because the customer has just moved offices and after a week of being fine the computers are failing to connect to the internet.

We tested the BT broadband and found it top be working correctly 7 Megabit download seemed very good for a village location .

The customers Acer laptop computer required the network stack drivers and settings to be reset and an easier to remove trojan virus was removed by running a malware scan whilst at it we also removed toolbars and other unneeded programs and cleaned up the registry.

On the desktop computer after checking was found to have a faulty network cable.

Whilst here it was noted that the customer was having troubles with an Android phone (Samsung Galaxy Ace), The customer had been complaining it lacked memory and also had been using the included software and a cable to transfer pictures what I suggested was that he should use Dropbox and have that transfer the pictures as the phone comes with only 2 GB RAM we removed any unused programs and installed Dropbox although its a bit slow to upload from the phone after the initial run of 80 photos it seemed to work fine.

Andriod Phone Support
Andriod Phone Support

Repairing a computer at North Leamington Spa

Good morning today we have been called out to repair a computer at a customers on Upper Holly Walk at Royal Leamington Spa in Warwickshire.

The customer has reported an issue connecting to the internet and problems on installing antivirus on their Windows Vista Computer system.

The internet issue was intermittent and not obvious to find but whilst trying to repair the other issues on the computer the internet failed and we could here a static noise on the phone to confirm this we swapped the hand set for another the customer had around and the noise disappeared we then continued with the computer and it failed again and the noise returned with the new hand set, we then disconnected the internet and rechecked the noise was still there we then rang the phones service provider and reported this issue as a line noise fault. This was later repaired by British Telecom and was found to be a fault at the exchange in Leamington Spa.

Computer Repair in Royal Leamington Spa

The computer was repaired in a later visit as it had Windows Vista with no service packs required downloads from the internet including the AVG Antivirus Program to complete the job.

Dell Dimension 3100 desktop computer repair at Leamington Spa

Good morning today we are with a customer on Beverley Road at Leamington Spa in Warwickshire

We have been called in because the customers Dell Dimension 3100 desktop computer is not loading Windows XP.

Upon investigation it is found that the computer has lost the BIOS settings and to repair this computer all we needed to do is replace the CR2032 battery installed on the main board and reset the settings for the BIOS.

Dell Dimension Desktop Computer Repair CR2032 Battery replaced

Checking a computer system and surveying a wireless set up at Bidford on Avon near Wixford in Warwickshire

Network Installation and Setup at Wixford near Bidford on Avon

Good morning today we are with Martin from South Warwickshire electrical services.

We are here to help by performing an on site wireless survey at Moor Hall Farm between Wixford and Bidford on Avon in Warwickshire.

The intention of this Survey is to provide a plan on how to Install a stable internet service through out the premises (Wireless and Wired).

At present the router is based in the attic and only services the 1st floor of the house stably, It gives poor coverage and disconnects on the ground floor and does not work at all in the office which seems to me to be a must.

To do this properly it will require four new network cables and sockets to be done before hand by Martin, and my self to install and setup the access points.

So we will be back in a few weeks to install the wireless access points and replace the older wireless router that is currently installed.


Network Installation and Setup at Wixford near Bidford on Avon in Warwickshire

Whilst here we also ran a check to make sure that the computer was running not running slow.

Apple updates and other computer maintenance including a Trojan Virus removal at Daventry

Good afternoon we are currently in Daventry with motivation in motion we are here to update the customers Antivirus to AVG Internet Security 2013 and check that the computers are free from malware and viruses one of the laptop computer had a couple of Trojan Viruses which we removed.

Whilst here we updated the customers Apple iPhone and iPad to IOS 6.0.1 we did this after checking that all the customers bought apps work.
If you find your iPad is running slow on the internet fix an ip address in the wireless settings the chances are it will show a 169 private network address which means its using the mobile phones network data usage instead.


Installing a Microsoft Windows 8 laptop and transferring data at Kenilworth near Warwick in Warwickshire

Good morning today we are looking at 3 Acer laptop computers and one desktop computer Clinton Lane at Kenilworth near Warwick in Warwickshire.

The first machine is an Acer laptop computer running Windows 7 and requires a fake anti virus removing and Avast antivirus installing.

The second needs stripping and the hard drive removing as the computer is being disposed off and the hard drive is to be stored as a backup for a few years and eventually smashed up to prevent data theft.

The third Acer laptop needs windows 8 installing Microsoft Office, Avast and other programs installing as well as setting up on the wireless network

Windows 8 Start up Screen

The Acer desktop required the antivirus updating and we left the computer running an antivirus scan.

Trojan virus removal at Kineton between Warwick and Banbury

Good afternoon we are with a customer in Kineton Between Warwick and Banbury, The customer has reported a problem on one of their computers in which each time their antivirus removes a Trojan virus it keeps reappearing on their computer after it has been shut down or rebooted.Trojan Virus Removal at Kineton in Warwickshire

After editing the registry, deleting the temporary files and clearing the cache we ran a Malwarebytes Scan which found and removed the files which were causing the Trojan virus to reappear.

Microsoft Internet Explorer being blocked at Leek Wootton in Warwickshire

Good morning we are with a customer near Woodcote Lane at Leek Wootton in Warwickshire, We are here because the customer has reported an issue connecting to the internet with their Acer Desktop Computer running Windows Vista, After examination it seem we have 3 separate problems the first is that the Norton 360 had some how got disabled, so we checked for viruses and found nothing and then simply removed and reinstalled the antivirus suite fortunately we had the Norton removal tool saved on to a disc as the uninstall option had become disabled, the second problem here is that when ever an incoming call is received or out going call is made the internet becomes disconnected and reconnects we have replaced the micro-filter and it is the same so we are left with a router or line fault causing this issue, personally in this particular instance I suspect the Talktalk modem router mainly because it is 4 years old but also because the phone line seems clean and there is no internal wiring we will find out after the customer has re-contacted the ISP, the last problem here is the speed of the computer, it seems Acer only supplied the SA90 Series with 1 GB of RAM and on Vista or even windows 7 this really is not enough so the customer has ordered 4 GB of ram from Amazon ( 2 * 2GB ) and we will return to install the memory at a later date.

Permissions error when saving Microsoft Word files at Chase Meadows in Warwick

Good afternoon we are with a customer on the Chase Meadows in Warwick, The customer has reported several problems on their notebook computer running Microsoft Windows XP, the first problem was that the computer had lost all of the customers data, it seems the customer had purchased the computer from a previous employer and the computer had been set up to synchronise when returned to the office, some how the computer had been reset to be used as a stand alone machine and this had hidden the protected data, this required us to run system restore and return to a previous state which also solve a lesser issue with synchronising an Apple iPhone this had stopped working after a Microsoft Windows update for Apple had installed.

Now we have a fully working computer we are able to reproduce the customers original fault which was that they were unable to save any thing in to the documents folder, the documents folder is in fact an offline folder to solve this we just upped the limit on the offline folder size.

Whilst here we also checked that the backup system was backing up the Offline folder with all the customers data.

Repairing a computer at Southam that is restarting, Email unblocked and set up a wireless printer

Next today we are with a customer near the Welsh Road East at Southam in Warwickshire, The first job here is to repair a notebook computer running Windows XP with a rebooting issue, After checking we find that it is giving a Blue Screen error “Unmountable Boot Volume”,
Windows Blue Screen of Death

this error is usually caused by an error of some description we confirmed this by booting to recovery console and attempting to list the directory, we performed a hard disc recovery which fixed the error and was then able to load the computer back in to Windows.

Hard drive error

The next issue here was a problem on the computers Outlook Express email system, one of the customers contacts had attempted to send a large number of photos and this had blocked up the customers incoming emails, we managed to release this by downloading the emails one at a time storing the pictures in My Pictures and then deleting the Emails , we also reconnected the HP Deskjet F4500 Series multifunction scanner printer to this laptop so the customer can wirelessly scan and print, the computer had originally locked up on opening one of the large emails and this was thought at first glance to have been a virus but further investigation revealed that the heat sink that cooled the video chip had fallen off this was repaired by reattached with conductive adhesive.

Although this is now all working it is a little slow due to the age of the computer and the customer is now looking at a replacement machine over the next few months.

Syncing Microsoft Outlook and Powerpoint with an Apple iPhone and an iPad3

Good morning we are with Motivation in Motion at their Daventry Office, We are here today to Set up an Apple iPad 3 and an Apple iPhone this is including installing email Clients on both devices, syncing Contacts and Calendars with Microsoft Outlook 2010 on a Toshiba notebook via the iCloud online, installing Keynote and Dropbox to allow viewing and sharing of the Microsoft Powerpoint presentations from the computer.

Apple Syncing Calendars and contacts


Setting up and new Apple Macbook Pro and changing broadband provider at Radford Semele in Warwickshire

Good morning today I am with a customer near Lewis Road at Radford Semele in Warwickshire, we are here because the customer has reported issues with using his Apple Macbook Pro Computer, It seems the problems the customer has on his Apple Macbook Pro are all to do with driver issues and need to be downloaded from the internet, unfortunately the internet service provider is Enta and the tariff has never been upgraded so the download speed obtainable (70 Kilobits per Second) is only about twice the speed of an old fashioned dial up connection (35 to 40 Kilobits per Second), the customer is already with sky for his telephone and TV package so we have ordered their Sky broadband unlimited package which they have reported should run between 1 and 4 Megabits per second and come back to fix the computer issues after the Sky Broadband has been activated.

Computer running slow at Temple Herdewyke between Warwick Southam and Banbury in Warwickshire

Good morning we are with a customer near Falklands Place at Temple Herdewyke between Kineton and Southam in Warwickshire, we are here to repair a computer that the customer reports as running slow.

We find after examination that the antivirus has been disabled by a rootkit virus , malware and other Trojan viruses.

To resolve this we edited the registry and ran a Malwarebytes scan this removed the problems from the computer and gave us a position from which we could remove and reinstall the antivirus program.

Internet scam removal at Kenilworth in Warwickshire

We are now with a customer on Barrowfield Road at Kenilworth in Warwickshire, We are here because the customer Expressed concern about Their Computer trying to redirect the computer to the website upon inspecting the information on the site I would assume that it is a scam site design to scare people in to paying to remove issues that don’t exist, the first thing is the childish website address that its registered to is, the scam is introduced presumably as a voice file on an advert in much the same manor as a scammer will ring and claim you have 1000’s of problems and ask you to give them control of your computer system, don’t go to the website and please never hand control of your computer to any strangers.

Data transfer to Apple Macbook and HP network printer setup at Wellesbourne in Warwickshire

Good morning we are with a customer on Bridge Street at Wellesbourne in Warwickshire, we are here to help the customer install his Apple Macbook Pro laptop computer, this involved setting up a HP Officejet 7310 all in one printer as a network printer to allow network sharing between the computers.

and transferring data including My Documents and Pictures from the customers old Windows XP Desktop PC.

Internet problems (not working) at Warwick

Next today we are with a customer on Castle Close at Warwick in Warwickshire, we are here because the customer has reported problems connecting to the internet at their premises, after some investigation it is found that the Linksys ADSL modem router has lost some of its set up information, we reset the correct ADSL log in setup information and reinstall the wireless security and tested with their computers.


Problem Solved.

Computer running slow and intermittant internet problem at Kenilworth in Warwickshire

Good morning we are with a customer on Windy Arbour at Kenilworth in Warwickshire, we are here because the customer has reported that their computer is running very slowly, its found that the phone line has a noise quality issue which will effect the internet connection quality and will cause our intermittent internet problem, we investigate further and find that we also have a second issue slowing down the computer, that is the computer has 2 antivirus programs installed and they are conflicting with each other, after removing one and editing the registry, and checking all up to date this computer was working at a good speed again.

Computer running slow at Welford on Avon in Warwickshire

This morning we are with Avon Energy Assessors Ltd at Welford on Avon in Warwickshire, we are here because the customer has reported that their laptop computer has slowed down and is not loading certain pages on Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook was not sending or receiving emails.

First we edited the registry and removed and unneeded programs from the machine amongst these are toolbar’s and recognised malware such as Babylon, Funweb, Yontoo etc. We then ran a Malwarebytes scan to check the machine and it found and removed further potentially unwanted programs (PUPS) .

We also downloaded and installed PDF creator to allow the customer to create PDF files from any program that can print.


Office missing from an Acer Aspire Series 3 new computer installation and wireless printer install at Kenilworth in Warwickshire

Good morning we are with a customer on Lindsey Crescent at Kenilworth in Warwickshire, we are here because the customer has reported an issue with running Microsoft Office 2010 on their Acer Aspire Series 3 Laptop Computer.

When tested we find that there is a registry issue preventing the user profile from loading and the computer was locking up with in minutes of powering up followed by a blue screen of death stating that a memory error had occurred.

We first attempted to run the factory restore which maintains the users data this resulted in an error “WIM apply image fail error 0x45D (1117), upon reboot this resulted in a boot loader missing message.

At this point we stripped the computer and removed and backed up the customers documents, pictures and any thing else in the user folder to another computer.

We then restarted the computer holding the alt key and tapping the F10 key this loaded the factory reset menu which as we now had a backup of the customers data allowed us to run the factory restore to defaults.

Reinstall the customers programs and data, and install the customers HP Officejet Pro Wireless multi function Printer.


Repairing an overheating Acer all in one computer at Leamington Spa in Warwickshire

We are now with a customer on Albert Street, Milverton in Leamington Spa,Warwickshire, the customer has an Acer all in one Z5600 computer system, the customer had asked us to repair it as the issue here is that the computer will power off after 30 minutes of use.

We checked the Bios set up and this machine had a computer heath check section which was suggesting that the processor was running at 70 degrees C , we disassembled the computer and found minor debris in the copper grills of the heat sink which we cleaned out, we then removed the heat sink from the board and found that the heat transfer pad that was fitted as standard had started to disintegrate so we removed the old pad and cleaned the processor with Isopropyl and then replaced with heat conductive paste,

Acer all in one overheating Computer Repair
Repairing an over heating all in one computer

reassembled the computer and tested after 30 minutes of use we are now getting a temperature of between 42 and 56 degrees C, and the computer is no longer powering off.