Repairing a computer at Southam that is restarting, Email unblocked and set up a wireless printer

Next today we are with a customer near the Welsh Road East at Southam in Warwickshire, The first job here is to repair a notebook computer running Windows XP with a rebooting issue, After checking we find that it is giving a Blue Screen error “Unmountable Boot Volume”,
Windows Blue Screen of Death

this error is usually caused by an error of some description we confirmed this by booting to recovery console and attempting to list the directory, we performed a hard disc recovery which fixed the error and was then able to load the computer back in to Windows.

Hard drive error

The next issue here was a problem on the computers Outlook Express email system, one of the customers contacts had attempted to send a large number of photos and this had blocked up the customers incoming emails, we managed to release this by downloading the emails one at a time storing the pictures in My Pictures and then deleting the Emails , we also reconnected the HP Deskjet F4500 Series multifunction scanner printer to this laptop so the customer can wirelessly scan and print, the computer had originally locked up on opening one of the large emails and this was thought at first glance to have been a virus but further investigation revealed that the heat sink that cooled the video chip had fallen off this was repaired by reattached with conductive adhesive.

Although this is now all working it is a little slow due to the age of the computer and the customer is now looking at a replacement machine over the next few months.

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