Gfast 300Megabit upgrades now available in leamington spa

It seems that most parts of Leamington including whitnash, Lillington and Cubbington now have the Gfast 2 upgrade this allows up to 300 megabit download and 30 megabit upload at 47 per month

Note this is the theoretical max so actual speed depends on the distance to the cabinet and uses the existing copper end loop so more like an interim upgrade until full fibre to premises is released which may take some time due to the expenses involved

Currently BT and Talktalk sell this product as ultra fast 2 and EE are selling as fibre max and including an itroductory offer of BT home Wifi wireless network included , I dare say other providors will follow.

The Cabinets that have been upgraded look a bit odd and have an extention overhanging the side such as the one in Leamington Spa on the Old Milverton Road between the newsagent and the Vauxall Garage.

Ultrafast Side Pod 300 Megabit on Old Milverton Road
BT Cabinet with Ultrafast Side Pod Copyrite Anthony Savage

The Gfast 145 service is currently being rolled out across Warwick and hopefully other areas in the next 9 months .

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