Malware and pop up advert removal at Leek Wootton between Warwick and Kenilworth in Warwickshire

Good morning today we are with a customer at Leek wootton in Warwickshire ( Between Warwick and Kenilworth)

We are here because the customer has reported pop ups and other strange adverts on their desktop computer running windows 7.

Incorrect Google Page (Pop up adverts)

We started by checking the start up files and registry which in this case looked fine then removed any unneeded tool bars such as Babylon, Deal Vault and such like, at this point we had still not found the root cause of the problems and thus suspected a root kit virus which turned up a problem similar to a Trojan Virus that had attached its self to the system files and deeper in to the registry.


Once this malware was removed the pop up adverts had stopped but upon testing Microsoft Internet Explorer was not opening new pages correctly, this required a reset of the browser settings and all was fixed.

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