Microsoft Internet Explorer being blocked at Leek Wootton in Warwickshire

Good morning we are with a customer near Woodcote Lane at Leek Wootton in Warwickshire, We are here because the customer has reported an issue connecting to the internet with their Acer Desktop Computer running Windows Vista, After examination it seem we have 3 separate problems the first is that the Norton 360 had some how got disabled, so we checked for viruses and found nothing and then simply removed and reinstalled the antivirus suite fortunately we had the Norton removal tool saved on to a disc as the uninstall option had become disabled, the second problem here is that when ever an incoming call is received or out going call is made the internet becomes disconnected and reconnects we have replaced the micro-filter and it is the same so we are left with a router or line fault causing this issue, personally in this particular instance I suspect the Talktalk modem router mainly because it is 4 years old but also because the phone line seems clean and there is no internal wiring we will find out after the customer has re-contacted the ISP, the last problem here is the speed of the computer, it seems Acer only supplied the SA90 Series with 1 GB of RAM and on Vista or even windows 7 this really is not enough so the customer has ordered 4 GB of ram from Amazon ( 2 * 2GB ) and we will return to install the memory at a later date.

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