Installing a Microsoft Windows 8 laptop and transferring data at Kenilworth near Warwick in Warwickshire

Good morning today we are looking at 3 Acer laptop computers and one desktop computer Clinton Lane at Kenilworth near Warwick in Warwickshire.

The first machine is an Acer laptop computer running Windows 7 and requires a fake anti virus removing and Avast antivirus installing.

The second needs stripping and the hard drive removing as the computer is being disposed off and the hard drive is to be stored as a backup for a few years and eventually smashed up to prevent data theft.

The third Acer laptop needs windows 8 installing Microsoft Office, Avast and other programs installing as well as setting up on the wireless network

Windows 8 Start up Screen

The Acer desktop required the antivirus updating and we left the computer running an antivirus scan.

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