Email problems and Apple Macbook / iPad plus Android support at Hanwell Banbury in Oxon

Good afternoon we are with Rich from Awesomecoffee just off Dukes Meadow Drive on Hanwell at Banbury we are here to fix some email problems on the customer various equipment this includes an Apple Macbook an Apple iPad and an Android tablet.

Rich at Really Awesome Coffee's Van

we set up the Email settings on the Android tablet built in to the Van

Really Awesome Coffee Van with android tablet

we also set up Apple Mail on the customers Apple Macbook Pro


Apple Macbook Support

plus setup Apple Mail on the customers iPad , the system was set in a way so that a change on one Email system reflected on the other two.

Apple updates and other computer maintenance including a Trojan Virus removal at Daventry

Good afternoon we are currently in Daventry with motivation in motion we are here to update the customers Antivirus to AVG Internet Security 2013 and check that the computers are free from malware and viruses one of the laptop computer had a couple of Trojan Viruses which we removed.

Whilst here we updated the customers Apple iPhone and iPad to IOS 6.0.1 we did this after checking that all the customers bought apps work.
If you find your iPad is running slow on the internet fix an ip address in the wireless settings the chances are it will show a 169 private network address which means its using the mobile phones network data usage instead.


Installing a Microsoft Windows 8 laptop and transferring data at Kenilworth near Warwick in Warwickshire

Good morning today we are looking at 3 Acer laptop computers and one desktop computer Clinton Lane at Kenilworth near Warwick in Warwickshire.

The first machine is an Acer laptop computer running Windows 7 and requires a fake anti virus removing and Avast antivirus installing.

The second needs stripping and the hard drive removing as the computer is being disposed off and the hard drive is to be stored as a backup for a few years and eventually smashed up to prevent data theft.

The third Acer laptop needs windows 8 installing Microsoft Office, Avast and other programs installing as well as setting up on the wireless network

Windows 8 Start up Screen

The Acer desktop required the antivirus updating and we left the computer running an antivirus scan.

Hoax Microsoft and support telephone calls

We are still getting a lot of customers complaining about hoax callers claiming to be a support agent for Microsoft and been past you details, Microsoft do not call customers unless they have a contract with you which unless your a huge corporate you will not have one.

The important thing to remember is that if you did not call them do not pass control off you computer to them, they could delete items from your computer when you tell them your not paying them, or install programs with out your consent to give them access when ever the machine is on.

The best way to subvert these phone calls it seems is to get a phone that shows the numbers calling you and if you don’t know the number and your not expecting a call let the answer machine get it , or if you don’t have one of these phones just say you don’t have a computer or say thank you i will call my computer man and hang up, Never give them control.

Access Point setup / Wireless Bridge Installations

We are now able to offer an installation service for bridged or single Access point setup.

Bridging access points is very useful for larger buildings that require full coverage of a wireless network or buildings with metal objects embeded in the walls as a way of moving the radio around the problem this requires a minimum of 2 Wireless access points with a bridge capacity.

Single access Points are mainly used to add wireless capability to an existing wired network system.

The access points are not very big typically about A5 in size and approximately 2 cm tall although you still need to allow room for the aerial at the back most can be used wall mounted as well as free standing.