More than one antivirus on a computer at Leamington Spa in Warwickshire

Next today we are on Northumberland Road at Leamington Spa in Warwickshire we are here because the customers computer is running slow.

The issue here is that Lavasoft have released a program called Ad-Adware Pro Security and if your using Ad-Aware the malware remover they will offer you this product as a trial, the thing to remember is that you most probably already have an antivirus program installed on your computer so the options are to uninstall your current antivirus if your thinking of taking or not installing the pro version. If you do accidentally install two antiviruses on one computer it will slow the machine down substantially.

Fibre to cabinet news

2 small pieces of news worth knowing in the Warwickshire area.

The first is that BT will be doubling the speed of its fibre connections on the 10th of April 2012, now i doubt it will be exactly double but certainly will be faster so always helpful you can check availability here .

The next one is also in April Sky are releasing a Fibre Product the website to go to for this is

Telephone Marketing Scam “Virtual PC Doctors”

A Customer in Whitnash has Just made me aware of another scam using Microsoft’s name to gain credit card information, they call them selves “Virtual PC Doctors” and claim to call from microsoft and once they think they have your confidence they request access to your computer system, They then miss around for a bit doing nothing much really then proceed to show you the Event Viewer under Administrative Tools, now here is the fun bit they claim any problems in here means your computer is about to crash, in reality every Windows computer ever made will have at least once comment in here, they will then claim they can fix your non existent issue for a fee.

Keep control,Never hand over control of your computer or credit card to any one, Unless you initiated the call its most likely a hoax.