Computer not Powering up in Barford

Good afternoon, We are now with a customer on Verdon Place in Barford, We are here because the customers computer has not been powering up, We tested with a new power supply unit which was the same, So we opened up the machine and removed, Cleaned and reseated all the cards in this computer and managed to get it working, The computer then gave us a page fault so we removed  and recreated the Pagefile and this solved the issue, it has been recommended to the customer to make sure all important data is backed up.

Computer Backup System in Balsall Common

This morning we are with a customer on Needlers End Lane in Ballsall Common to install a backup system for an external USB harddrive for this we are using a Sync Program from microsoft , The reason for using this is that it is pretty easy to use and Quick because it only copies the files that have been changed.

Update to get the WD USB external hard drive to work here we had to also install a USB 2.0 PCI Card, It seems the ones supplied on board could not supply enough power for the drive.

Computer Repair Balsall Common