Onsite computer repair in Coventry

This morning we are in Coventry repairing a computer for a customer, the fault described is that the machine is not booting and the date is reading as 2003. We suspect it just needs a replacement battery so will be taking a selection of standard batteries.


Update : as suspected to repair the mesh computer it needed a new battery this one required a CR2032.

Profile error on Microsoft Windows Vista at Wolston in Warwickshire

This afternoon we are at Wolston in Warwickshire working for Dental Chrome Systems of Coventry. We are here to repair a laptop computer with a “Profile Error” on boot up this machine is running Microsoft Vista and had just been running some updates the night before the error had occurred. We ran system restore and took it back to the point before the updates and got the machine working properly again, then we made sure the internet security was up to date, reinstalled the updates and tested by rebooted a few times, The machine is still working.

Sage Accountant Trouble in Coventry

Today we are with Matix Lasers of Coventry, one of the problems we have here is sage locking out users with the error “The user you entered is already logged in” to get around this you need to find the queue.dta file and rename or delete it, It is usually found under Program files, Sage,Company number.

We also performed other maintenance whilst here.

Internet Banking Problem Coventry

This morning we are at a customers in Coventry to solve an internet banking problem on 4 out of 5 of the customers computers.

After spending some time updating the antivirus, Flash and JAVA on all the computers involved we rang The Royal Bank of Scotland, We discovered after a lengthy call that the bank had changed the website substantially but had not added a code to reload the page so literally all we needed to do was clear the browser cache and press F5 Grrrr. It does not take much to produce good code but bad code can waste an awful lot of time!.


Laser Cutting Machine Repair in Coventry

This morning we are back in Coventry at Matrix Lasers repairing a laser cutting machine by replacing a part sent from the manufactures, this required a drawing being made of the current connections on the faulty board and swapping the board over. While here we also did some other computer and network maintenance on the office computer systems.

Plasma Cutter Computer Repair in Coventry

This morning we are in Coventry at Matrix Lasers repairing a computer that is attached to a plasma cutter.

It required a new 2.5″ hardrive fitting and the software reinstalling for the machine.

We also helped to fault find on a Laser cutter for which a replacement part was ordered from the manufacturers in Slovakia.

Blue Screen Problem at Coventry

Good morning , We are with a customer on Foreleand Way in Coventry,We are here to solve a Blue Screen Issue, this one turned out to be an issue with ndis.sys so we reloaded a clean copy of the file via recovery console and got the Dell computer system working

Blue Screen of Death IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

Computer running slow at Wolston in Warwickshire

We are now with a customer on Main Street at Wolston in Warwickshire. We are here because the customer has reported that their computer is running very slow, its a Compaq Presario laptop computer running Microsoft Windows Vista we cleaned up the computer by editing the registry and running a Malwarebytes scan which helped matters, but it was supplied with only 1 Gigabyte of RAM and Microsoft Windows Vista really needs 4 Gigabyte of RAM or more to work smoothly, We have recommended the customer to buy a 4 Gigabytes RAM upgrade for which we have supplied the part numbers.

Virus Removal and Email Support at Keresley in Coventry

Good morning, We are with a Customer at Keresley Village in Coventry, We are here to fix a few computer problems, The first is to remove a Trojan virus and other malware from a Toshiba Laptop Computer, Setting up a new email account on their BT business domain setup, and setting up an Autocad compatible program to read DWG files.