Repairing an issue with a McAfee antivirus program update at Warwick in Warwickshire

Good afternoon we are now with a customer on Campriano Drive at Warwick in Warwickshire, we are here to solve a problem with a McAfee subscription update as supplied by their BT Infinity package.

We managed to sort this over the phone it turned out to be an incorrectly set time and dated, causing a security certificate error when trying to download the update from the internet.

Broadband problems on the Woodloes in Warwick

Next today we are at Langcliffe Avenue on the Woodloes in Warwick, we are here because the customers internet has stopped working, after testing we find its an issue with the length of the telephone extension line to the ADSL modem that’s installed here, however in the past 6 years since it was installed their requirements have changed, so we have altered the wiring to make it work, upgraded to a wireless ADSL modem router and set up the computers here to work via wireless .

Laptop Computer Repair Warwickshire

Today we have been working around Warwick the first job in Coten End to repair an issue on a laptop computer, The problem being that Word was not loading,

The Second of the day is for solving a Webmail issue on a computer running Windows XP

The Last of the day is for an ongoing ADSL problem the issue here is convincing the broadband operator that the fault is theirs to solve they seem to be giving us more hoops to jump through than usual.

UPDATE the issue in the end was found to be an internal fault on the telephone wiring but the trouble was the line would not increase in speed until 3 days after being added to the test socket unfortunately this is down to  how the ADSL system tries to keep fault lines alive.

Odd USB Device Fault in Warwick

We are now at a customer on Coten End in Warwick, Our Customer has a really old machine running Windows 3.1 that is not going pas the Windows Logo on Startup.

Update After testing we found that it was cause by an old faulty USB Broadband Modem, If it was left disconnected on boot up the computer worked fine, Even odder was that if reconnected after you could still access the internet, We have recommended a new computer and to get the Broadband modem Replaced with a network router.

Computer Rebooting in Warwick

Good afternoon we are in Warwick to repair a computer that is rebooting constantly, for this one we have booted up a CD in recovery console and attempted to read the drive this resulted in the error “An error occurred during directory enumeration” and meant the drive was currently unreadable, So we ran the recovery tool from the CD, this found and fixed errors on the hardrive this allowed us to load the computer and the customers data was recovered, The recommendation at this point is to make sure any important or irreplaceable data such as letters,accounts or pictures are all backed up to another media such as CD, Memory Stick or another hardrive as the possibility of the error reoccuring in a more problematic state could occur.

Rescue Windows XP at Hatton Park

Good morning today we are at a customers in Mollington Grove at Hatton Park, We are here to rescue a laptop computer with Windows XP installed that is not booting, the issue is to far gone to be able to repair it normally and quickly we revert to backing up and reinstalling windows over the top in doing this we managed to recover the customers data and got the machine operating normally again.