Setup Apple Macbook Pro with Wireless HP Laserjet

2nd job of the day is in the working units at The Mill on Mill Lane, Little Shrewley near Hatton here we have a HP Laserjet wireless Laserjet to install and make work correctly over the wireless network with an Apple Macbook Pro also to add to the fun it is using Sage accountant inside Parallels with Windows XP running virtually. this was all setup and tested much to the customers relief she had been using as left by another computer person with it connected via usb leads which i have to add looked dangerous.



Internet Trouble at Hatton

Good Morning Today we are on the Hockley Road in Hatton to fix Internet problems.The actual error we got here was “Turnpike Winsock Error Time Out” so we reset the winsock and the tcpip Settings which fixed this fine.

Rescue Windows XP at Hatton Park

Good morning today we are at a customers in Mollington Grove at Hatton Park, We are here to rescue a laptop computer with Windows XP installed that is not booting, the issue is to far gone to be able to repair it normally and quickly we revert to backing up and reinstalling windows over the top in doing this we managed to recover the customers data and got the machine operating normally again.