Various computer problems at Finham Coventry between Canley and Willenhall

Good afternoon next today we are with a customer at Finham in Coventry between Canley and Willenhall we are here to fix a number of computer problems.

Most of the computer issues here were simple to fix but a few are worth noting.

To print an email from BT Yahoo’s web site since the last web mail upgrade you now need to open the email and click actions then click print message other wise all you get is the advert, header and footer being printed.

BT Yahoo how to print an email


Onsite computer repair at Stoneleigh in Warwickshire

For the next job today we are in Stoneleigh to maintain a computer for a customer, the main issue is checking the Antivirus on the PC and its reported to be running slow.
Update: The main thing effecting the speed of this Dell Studio laptop was the web control software supplied that was hogging resources so we removed this and other programs by editing the registry.

We also gave the customer some tuition on an Apple Macbook Pro.

Broadband Trouble in Stoneleigh

We are now with a customer in Stoneleigh to look at an issue with broadband, The issue here is no connection to the exchange, so we test with a known working modem and this is the same we then went to the master socket and tested and all was ok.

Update: The fault is traced to an internet wiring fault on the phone line.