Sky sending out spam letters

Out at Whitnash today and it would appear that Sky are actually sending out letters warning about spam to there customers, But unfortunately they are basing the information on the reported ip address which changes if the user has unplugged the power to the router, as it happens on this computer the customer has unplugged the router on a regular basis.

We checked the customers machine and did find and remove rootkit virus , this is a virus that attaches it’s self to a main system file and can be pretty hard to find, also we have to change the password on the customers hotmail account it would seem the password had been stolen some how.

Telephone Marketing Scam “Virtual PC Doctors”

A Customer in Whitnash has Just made me aware of another scam using Microsoft’s name to gain credit card information, they call them selves “Virtual PC Doctors” and claim to call from microsoft and once they think they have your confidence they request access to your computer system, They then miss around for a bit doing nothing much really then proceed to show you the Event Viewer under Administrative Tools, now here is the fun bit they claim any problems in here means your computer is about to crash, in reality every Windows computer ever made will have at least once comment in here, they will then claim they can fix your non existent issue for a fee.

Keep control,Never hand over control of your computer or credit card to any one, Unless you initiated the call its most likely a hoax.