Repairing a power socket on a laptop computer onsite at Wellesbourne in Warwickshire

Good morning we are with a customer on Hammon Green at Wellesbourne in Warwickshire, we are here to effect a repair on an Acer Aspire 5738 / 5338 laptop computer that has a loose power supply socket, this will involve disassembling the computer and removing the main motherboard to see if the socket looks repairable and assuming that it does need re soldering and strengthening the socket before testing and reassembling .
Laptop Power Supply Connector Repair

Update: The Acer Aspire 5738 / 5338 laptop computer was repaired successfully, and as the machine was 2.5 years old it seemed prudent to change the CR2032 battery that holds the time date and CMOS information as they can last 3 to 5 years and normally would be inaccessible.

Computer not Powering up in Barford

Good afternoon, We are now with a customer on Verdon Place in Barford, We are here because the customers computer has not been powering up, We tested with a new power supply unit which was the same, So we opened up the machine and removed, Cleaned and reseated all the cards in this computer and managed to get it working, The computer then gave us a page fault so we removed  and recreated the Pagefile and this solved the issue, it has been recommended to the customer to make sure all important data is backed up.

Wireless Trouble at Barford

Now we are with a customer in Barford, We are here to connect an IBM R51 Laptop to the customers broadband and setup the internet and email systems.Upon examination a lot of the computers drivers are missing, we reloaded all the computers drivers which fixed the problem.

Missing Emails in Wasperton

Good Morning today, We are at a customers in Wasperton near Barford, We are here because the customer Emails are missing.

Update: actually all new emails are missing from the inbox and this is caused by a corrupt inbox we managed to back up the emails and restore them to a new profile.