Preparing to change ISP in Warwick

For the next job today we are at a customers in Warwick to prepare for changing the internet service provider, the email account has been with Tiscali for a long time but now it seems Spam Filters are beginning to block the email servers IP address range so we have set the customer up with a Gmail account so they can make sure that they don’t loose any contact and in a few months when they are happy all working fine we can go back in and order a new internet service provider.

Problems with Outlook on the Chase Meadows in Warwick

We are now with a customer on Price Close West on the Chase Meadows in Warwick, The Problem here is the customers computer is unable to open Outlook.

Update: This one was due to a couple of issues the main one being that the PST file was corrupt this was solved by running the scan program and running the option to reset the panes.

Quote for a Broken Screen in Hampton Magna

Good Morning we are in Bellam Road at Hampton Magna, We are here to inspect a Packard Bell Easynote TJ65 Laptop that was returned to PC World for under warranty repair, Amazingly it had been returned to the customer with a letter claiming that a liquid had been spilt on the computer and was not covered by any warranty, I have to admit to being amazed at the diagnosis as it was pretty obvious to me that the liquid in question was the Liquid part of the Liquid Crystal Display, and from the clear point of impact had presumably occurred in transit or dropped up on opening. We have written a letter describing our findings, and have left it with the customer to help there claim for damaged in transit.

We have supplied the customer with a quote to fix the computer.

A Computer Repair in Warwick

Good morning, Today we are at a customers on the Woodloes in Warwick, we are here for two reasons first is the computer is running Slow and the second is the internet has been intermittent, The Main issue here has been caused by malware which we removed by editing the registry, removing the malware and then running a Malwarebytes scan, The Second issue which did not help the speed was that the processor heat sink and fan needed some minor clean up maintenance as is blocked by Dust, Carpet and cat hair, We removed this and freed up the fan and the machine was back to working properly.