Dead Computer in Warwick Gates

Good Morning, Today we are starting on a Desktop PC at Warwickgates. This PC was dead with no power so first of all we tried a new Power Supply Unit which resulted in no change so at this point we changed tactic and removed the video card and memory boards gave them a clean and retested still the same no power, next was to reseat the processor this fixed the machine and it was able to run. (if it had not worked it could have been a faulty memory stick processor or even the mother board and because of the age would probably have been uneconomic to repair).

Although the machine was now working this was not the end as it seemed some one had been playing on less reputable sites and had filled the machine with malware so much so that the machine ran like an old 286( the PC was running extremely slow), so we cleaned up the machine and got it running much better.


Lightning Strike on a Computer in Warwick Gates

We are with back with a customer on Portia Way on the Warwick Gates, Heathcote, Warwick, We are here to finish a repair on a Computer that was struck by a lightning strike, to repair this computer it required a new Motherboard, Wireless PCI card, and Processor Heat sink with Fan. If it had been any more than this it would have been uneconomical to repair. but it was repaired and all data was safe, We recommended that the customer backup any important data.