Computer email problems at Milverton in Royal Leamington Spa

Good afternoon we are with a customer on Bankfield Drive at Milverton in Royal Leamington Spa, we are here to check an issue with downloading attachments from BT Yahoo webmail, the machine has been checked for viruses, malware and tested with google mail, so it appears to be a BT Yahoo issue , we are obtaining more help via BT Customer help online, they put us on to a support rep via the telephone and in the end reset the DNS at there end and got us to cycle the power on the router .

Computer Running Slowly in Leamington Spa

We are with a customer at Milverton Terrace in Leamington Spa, We are here because the customer has report that their computer is running slowly, We edited the registry, Deleted all unneeded temporary files, Removed unneeded programs, Ran Windows updates, Updated the Antivirus and Firewalls. All this helped make the computer run faster.