Internet Banking Problem Coventry

This morning we are at a customers in Coventry to solve an internet banking problem on 4 out of 5 of the customers computers.

After spending some time updating the antivirus, Flash and JAVA on all the computers involved we rang The Royal Bank of Scotland, We discovered after a lengthy call that the bank had changed the website substantially but had not added a code to reload the page so literally all we needed to do was clear the browser cache and press F5 Grrrr. It does not take much to produce good code but bad code can waste an awful lot of time!.


Email Problems in Coventry

We are in Coventry with Matrix Lasers this morning, The issue today is that random emails are not being received after checking all machines that have been authorised to collect the email for the company we decide that it seems possible an ex employee may have been receiving email at home so the safest thing to do at this stage is change the password and retest.