Internet problems at Warwick in Warwickshire

Good morning we are with a customer on the Stratford Road at Warwick in Warwickshire, we are here because the customer is reporting poor wireless signal to their BT Infinity wireless router with their Compaq Laptop Computer.



Update: There was a connection issue with the infinity router and so we rang BT technical support who got the broadband up and running quiet quickly, the weak signal was because the laptop had reattached its self to a neighbours BT Openzone network, After getting the computer working properly on the customers router we found the internet was still slow to respond so we deleted the internet cache and this fixed the issue.

Internet Trouble in Warwick

Good Morning we are working on an Emergency Call Out at Cocksparrow Street in Warwick, We are here because the customer is having problems connecting to the internet, for this we tested the line and found that it was not working correctly, so we called the internet service provider which in this case was Orange and managed to get the customer up and running again.