Laptop data recovery at Kenilworth in Warwickshire

This afternoon we are in Kenilworth to attempt to recover a customers missing pictures from a laptop Computer.

Update Unfortunately the customer had done a factory reset on this machine and it might have been possible to retrieve some of the photos using another machine and running a recovery program but it would have taken a good 60 to 90 minutes to run the scan to find out if any thing survived, this time the customer said not worth recovering and asked me to reinstall the software and missing updates and antivirus.

Kenilworth Router Trouble,Apple Mac at Henley in Arden and Laptop Repair in Wootton Wawen

At Kenilworth in the morning to sort out an adsl wireless router , and help a little with google web page search stuff with @suecablephoto .

Then the afternoon in Henley in Arden first setting up an Apple Mac with a virtual Windows using VMware Fusion happy to say that’s easier to do since i first set one up a good few years ago.

Followed by a trip to Yew Tree Farm Shop  at Wootton Wawen to perform minor surgery to a dell laptop computer by disable a misbehaving mouse pointer.

Laptop Data Recovery

The next job is also in Kenilworth is to retrieve data from a broken laptop (To Expensive to repair as most likley needs a replacement Motherboard) and transfer to a new laptop all data recovered and a very happy customer.

Noisy Laptop in Kenilworth

This morning we are in Kenilworth to investigate a noisy laptop amongst other general computer maintenance.

Update its turned out the noise was a faulty battery , whilst here we installed the customers Canon IP90 printer and updated their Antivirus

Hard Drive Disk Read Error in Kenilworth

Next today we are with a customer in Kenilworth, The customers laptop computer is giving disk read errors, On this one we ran a disk recover program and managed to get the laptop working again, As a precaution we have also made a backup of the customers data as there is no telling if a failure is around the corner.