Computer with a blank screen at Leamington Spa in Warwickshire

Good morning today we are with a customer on the Radford Road at Leamington spa in Warwickshire, we are here to investigate a computer that has power but no screen display output.

Update: upon Investigation it was found that a surge had tripped the power supplies thermal switch, all we needed to do here was removal the power and in the time taken to confirm the power lead worked the thermal switch had reset. this was then tested all working for now, quite lucky as it goes.

Computer with Mouse Freezing at Radford Semele

We are on Offchurch Lane in Radford Semele, The customer has reported that the mouse cursor keeps freezing whilst they are using their IBM Thinkpad laptop computer, We ran the Spybot, Adaware and Avivra Scans on this computer and found a number of Viruses and malware which was removed, This solved the issues reported

Computer not Booting up in Radford Semele

Good afternoon we are now with a customer on Valley Road in Radford Semele. We are here to solve the customers problem which is that the computer is not starting up and giving the error “DISK BOOT FAILURE”, we manage to recover this computer and recommended that the customer backup his important data and pictures.

Computer not Booting in Radford Semele

This morning we are at a customers in Radford Semele to repair a computer the fault with the computer is that it keeps loosing its time, Date and hard driveĀ Settings, This is most likley to be a CMOS Battery issue so we opened up the case and found it needed a CR2032 battery which we changed and fixed the problem.