Computer installation at Coventry

This morning I am in Coventry at Matrix Lasers Setting up and New Computer on the existing network.
Here we are transferring the Documents, Setting up Sage Accounts , installing a PCI parallel port card to run an Epson dot matrix printer , transferring emails and address book, generally attempting to make the new machine visually similar to the one that it’s replacing.

Laser Cutting Machine Repair in Coventry

This morning we are back in Coventry at Matrix Lasers repairing a laser cutting machine by replacing a part sent from the manufactures, this required a drawing being made of the current connections on the faulty board and swapping the board over. While here we also did some other computer and network maintenance on the office computer systems.

Onsite Network Maintenance in Coventry

This afternoon we are in Coventry at Matrix Lasers, We are here to upgrade some of the computers with gigabit cards to increase the data capability of the network.We are also here to Set up a computer on the existing network.Here we are transferring the Documents, Installing a PCI Gigabit Network card , Transfering Emails and address book, Generally attempting to make the new machine visually the same as the one its replacing.