Network and Computer Support at Princethorpe

This afternoon we are working at the Wood House Hotel on the Leamington Road between Weston under Wetherley and Princethorpe, We are here to get a computer running on their network, Seems there are 2 issues here one was the network connector on the wireless router had not locked in correctly, and the other was that the tcpip stack had been corrupted on the computer so just needed resetting.

Kodak dental system and other computer maintenance at Wolston between Brandon, Bretford Binley woods and Stretton on Dunsmore in Warwickshire near Coventry

Good Morning today we are working for Dental Chrome Systems at their Wolston Address between Brandon, Bretford, Binley woods and Stretton on Dunsmore in Warwickshire near Coventry, We are here to setup an old DOS based Kodak dental chromes system. to keep this old program working on a Windows XP machine we have had to re-partition the drive to include a 16 bit boot-able partition running DOS 6.22 and setting up a dual boot system so the customer could choose to use Microsoft Windows or DOS. (Unfortunately the Kodak dental system requires the use of a parallel port and the Microsoft Dos operating system so will be a bit tricky to upgrade the in future, we are currently hoping to maintain the computer system until the customer retires)