Apple Mac Problems in Coventry

Good Morning today we are starting with a customer at Westwood Heath in Coventry. We are here to resolve some minor issues with an Apple Mac Computer the first issue requires us to all ways allow Key chain Access the second is that the computer is always loosing connection to the internet, This is resolved by fixing the router to one channel .

Computer Running Slow at Gibbet Hill in Coventry

Good Morning today we are with a customer at Gibbet Hill in Coventry , We are here because the customers computer is running slow, The computer it’s self seems to be running correctly so we have removed unneeded programs from the start up on the laptop computer and edited the registry the machine is faster but still quiet slow it has been determined that the Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop computer that has been supplied with Vista and only 1Gb of RAM is under the required specification, To make it run smoothly in fact all vista machines should have a minimum of 2 Gb of Ram, This has been recommended and the customer has ordered.